Sentosa Nursing Recruitment

Sentosa Nursing Recruitment

Calling All Nurses Looking For Work in the United States

The United States of America is currently facing an extreme nursing shortage, but nursing professionals living in other countries like the Philippines are eager for work and perfectly suited for employment in America. Sentosa Recruitment Agency was founded to help these Filipino nurses locate exciting nursing opportunities in the United States.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency is a “one-stop-shop” for everything a Filipino nurse needs in order to obtain a job as nurse in the United States. Everything from the initial application and placement to settlement as a permanent resident in America is handled by experienced professionals. If you would like to thrive as a nurse working in America, Sentosa Recruitment Agency can help you every single step of the way to make that dream a reality.

More About Sentosa Recruitment Agency

Sentosa Recruitment Agency was founded by a group of nurses who understand the vital role of nursing professionals in America and seek to bring the brightest and most qualified candidates to join the nursing workforce in the United States. Nurses, immigration specialists, and lawyers collaborate to help all Filipino applicants fly through the immigration and employment processes. More than anything, Sentosa Recruitment Agency dedicates itself to helping Filipino nurses find new homes and new jobs in the United States.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency works with Filipinos specifically because they are known to be skilled, efficient, caring, and compassionate workers. The culture of the Philippines largely matches that of the United States, so Filipino nurses come to America already understanding the caliber of medicine used in the United States, speaking English, and demonstrating the desire to work hard to care for others.

Senior Care Specialization

As the American Baby Boomer generation ages, more senior nursing professionals are needed to meet the demand for senior care related to illness, disease, and other age-related health concerns. Sentosa Recruitment Agency can help Filipino nurses make the transition from registered nurses (RNs) to become adult nurse practitioners (ANPs) or gerontology nurse practitioners (GNPs) to qualify for employment in senior care.